class sc2.client.Client(ws, save_replay_path=None)
async chat_send(message, team_only)

Writes a message to the chat

async debug_all_resources()

Gives 5000 minerals and 5000 vespene to the bot.

debug_box2_out(pos, half_vertex_length=0.25, color=None)

Draws a box center at a position ‘pos’, with box side lengths (vertices) of two times ‘half_vertex_length’.

  • pos (Union[Unit, Point3]) –

  • half_vertex_length (float) –

  • color (Union[tuple, list, Point3]) –

debug_box_out(p_min, p_max, color=None)

Draws a box with p_min and p_max as corners of the box.

async debug_control_enemy()

Allows control over enemy units and structures similar to team games control - does not allow the bot to spend the opponent’s ressources. Using it a second time disables it again.

async debug_cooldown()

Disables cooldowns of unit abilities for the bot. Using it a second time disables it again.

async debug_create_unit(unit_spawn_commands)

Usage example (will spawn 5 marines in the center of the map for player ID 1): await self._client.debug_create_unit([[UnitTypeId.MARINE, 5, self._game_info.map_center, 1]])


unit_spawn_commands (List[List[Union[UnitTypeId, int, Point2, Point3]]]) –

async debug_fast_build()

Sets the build time of units and structures and upgrades to zero. Using it a second time disables it again.

async debug_food()

Should disable food usage (does not seem to work?). Using it a second time disables it again.

async debug_free()

Units, structures and upgrades are free of mineral and gas cost. Using it a second time disables it again.

async debug_gas()

Gives 5000 vespene to the bot. This does not seem to be working.

async debug_god()

Your units and structures no longer take any damage. Using it a second time disables it again.

async debug_hang(delay_in_seconds)

Freezes the SC2 client. Not recommended to be used.

async debug_kill_unit(unit_tags)

unit_tags (Union[Unit, Units, List[int], Set[int]]) –

debug_line_out(p0, p1, color=None)

Draws a line from p0 to p1.

async debug_minerals()

Gives 5000 minerals to the bot.

async debug_set_unit_value(unit_tags, unit_value, value)

Sets a “unit value” (Energy, Life or Shields) of the given units to the given value. Can’t set the life of a unit to 0, use “debug_kill_unit” for that. Also can’t set the life above the unit’s maximum. The following example sets the health of all your workers to 1: await self.debug_set_unit_value(self.workers, 2, value=1)

async debug_show_map()

Reveals the whole map for the bot. Using it a second time disables it again.

debug_sphere_out(p, r, color=None)

Draws a sphere at point p with radius r.

  • p (Union[Unit, Point3]) –

  • r (float) –

  • color (Union[tuple, list, Point3]) –

async debug_tech_tree()

Removes all tech requirements (e.g. can build a factory without having a barracks). Using it a second time disables it again.

debug_text_screen(text, pos, color=None, size=8)

Draws a text on the screen (monitor / game window) with coordinates 0 <= x, y <= 1.

  • text (str) –

  • pos (Union[Point2, Point3, tuple, list]) –

  • color (Union[tuple, list, Point3]) –

  • size (int) –


Draws a text in the top left corner of the screen (up to a max of 6 messages fit there).

debug_text_world(text, pos, color=None, size=8)

Draws a text at Point3 position in the game world. To grab a unit’s 3d position, use unit.position3d Usually the Z value of a Point3 is between 8 and 14 (except for flying units). Use self.get_terrain_z_height() from to get the Z value (height) of the terrain at a 2D position.

  • text (str) –

  • color (Union[tuple, list, Point3]) –

  • size (int) –

async debug_upgrade()

Researches all currently available upgrades. E.g. using it once unlocks combat shield, stimpack and 1-1. Using it a second time unlocks 2-2 and all other upgrades stay researched.

async dump_data(ability_id=True, unit_type_id=True, upgrade_id=True, buff_id=True, effect_id=True)

Dump the game data files choose what data to dump in the keywords this function writes to a text file call it one time in on_step with: await self._client.dump_data()

async leave()

You can use ‘await self.client.leave()’ to surrender midst game.

async move_camera(position)

Moves camera to the target position


position (Union[Unit, Units, Point2, Point3]) –

async move_camera_spatial(position)

Moves camera to the target position using the spatial aciton interface


position (Union[Point2, Point3]) –

async obs_move_camera(position)

Moves observer camera to the target position. Only works when observing (e.g. watching the replay).


position (Union[Unit, Units, Point2, Point3]) –

async query_available_abilities(units, ignore_resource_requirements=False)

Query abilities of multiple units

Return type:


async query_available_abilities_with_tag(units, ignore_resource_requirements=False)

Query abilities of multiple units

Return type:

Dict[int, Set[AbilityId]]

async query_building_placement(ability, positions, ignore_resources=True)

This function might be deleted in favor of the function above (_query_building_placement_fast).

Return type:


async query_pathing(start, end)

Caution: returns “None” when path not found Try to combine queries with the function below because the pathing query is generally slow.

Return type:

Union[int, float, None]

async query_pathings(zipped_list)

Usage: await self.query_pathings([[unit1, target2], [unit2, target2]]) -> returns [distance1, distance2] Caution: returns 0 when path not found


zipped_list (List[List[Union[Unit, Point2, Point3]]]) –

Return type:


async quick_load()

Loads the game state from the previously stored in-memory bookmark. Caution:

  • The SC2 Client will crash if the game wasn’t quicksaved

  • The bot step iteration counter will not reset

  • self.state.game_loop will be set to zero after the quickload, and self.time is dependant on it

async quick_save()

Saves the current game state to an in-memory bookmark. See:

async step(step_size=None)

EXPERIMENTAL: Change self._client.game_step during the step function to increase or decrease steps per second

async toggle_autocast(units, ability)

Toggle autocast of all specified units