class sc2.game_data.GameData(data)
class sc2.game_data.AbilityData(game_data, proto)
property button_name: str

For Stimpack this returns ‘Stimpack’

property exact_id: AbilityId

Returns the exact ID of the ability

property friendly_name: str

For Stimpack this returns ‘Research Stimpack’

property id: AbilityId

Returns the generic remap ID. See sc2/dicts/

For Stimpack this returns ‘BarracksTechLabResearch’

class sc2.game_data.UnitTypeData(game_data, proto)
property cargo_size: int

How much cargo this unit uses up in cargo_space

property cost_zerg_corrected: Cost

This returns 25 for extractor and 200 for spawning pool instead of 75 and 250 respectively

property footprint_radius: float | None

See footprint_radius

property morph_cost: Cost | None

This returns 150 minerals for OrbitalCommand instead of 550

property tech_alias: List[UnitTypeId] | None

Building tech equality, e.g. OrbitalCommand is the same as CommandCenter Building tech equality, e.g. Hive is the same as Lair and Hatchery For Hive, this returns [UnitTypeId.Hatchery, UnitTypeId.Lair] For SCV, this returns None

property tech_requirement: UnitTypeId | None

Tech-building requirement of buildings - may work for units but unreliably

property unit_alias: UnitTypeId | None

Building type equality, e.g. FlyingOrbitalCommand is the same as OrbitalCommand

class sc2.game_data.UpgradeData(game_data, proto)
class sc2.game_data.Cost(minerals, vespene, time=None)

The cost of an action, a structure, a unit or a research upgrade. The time is given in frames (22.4 frames per game second).