class sc2.game_info.Ramp(points, game_info)
property barracks_can_fit_addon: bool

Test if a barracks can fit an addon at natural ramp

property barracks_correct_placement: Point2 | None

Corrected placement so that an addon can fit

property barracks_in_middle: Point2 | None

Barracks position in the middle of the 2 depots

property corner_depots: FrozenSet[Point2]

Finds the 2 depot positions on the outside

property depot_in_middle: Point2 | None

Depot in the middle of the 3 depots

property protoss_wall_buildings: FrozenSet[Point2]

List of two positions for 3x3 buildings that form a wall with a spot for a one unit block. These buildings can be powered by a pylon on the protoss_wall_pylon position.

property protoss_wall_pylon: Point2 | None

Pylon position that powers the two wall buildings and the warpin position.

property protoss_wall_warpin: Point2 | None

Position for a unit to block the wall created by protoss_wall_buildings. Powered by protoss_wall_pylon.

property upper: FrozenSet[Point2]

Returns the upper points of a ramp.

property upper2_for_ramp_wall: FrozenSet[Point2]

Returns the 2 upper ramp points of the main base ramp required for the supply depot and barracks placement properties used in this file.

class sc2.game_info.GameInfo(proto)